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Why diets never work and never will

Why diets never work and never will

People, especially women, have spent millions of euros / dollars on diets or diet plans over time.

For example, Americans spend in a year $ 60 billion on diets and weight loss products.Why does this amount and especially why?

Of course, we all want to look good, to feel good in our body.

Why do we want to lose weight? Because getting fat / obesity creates health problems: from type 2 diabetes, to heart problems, high blood pressure, to the discomfort of moving.

Many women, however, want to lose weight because it is trendy to be skinny, which is just a trend in a society. Here would be an even more subtle, psychological problem: the  desire to be accepted, loved. Because if this didn’t count, why would you want to comply?

Is diet a solution?

Not. Why? Because it restricts you and is not sustainable in the long run. And when you restrict, you want even more of what is forbidden to you.

That is why diets “work” for only 0.7% of those who go on a diet.

Not only does it not work, but it messes up you metabolism, you get heavier after diet, you start binge-eating.

“Going on a diet is like having to hold your breath” or “like not having a hand,” says Dr. Oz. This is the great impact on a person.

How long can you hold your breath?

How many people do not start a diet, “miss it”, then start over? And more importantly, “How do you feel when you fail to maintain a diet?”

How many women are cheerful when failing to keep a diet? When I say fail I mean that they do not follow the diet “as in the book”, as long as “it should”, losing as many kilos as they would have wanted.

You feel stupid, like a loser, you feel that something is wrong with you, you feel that you are not good enough, that you were wrong, and on Monday you take it off, hoping that this time you will stay on the diet and succeed. .

How many women around you are not on a diet or do not plan plan to go on a diet starting Monday or after the hollidays?

You end up all your life to be on a diet and wanting to loose weight. If the diet had worked you would not have had to keep dieting so often. You would be held once, you would hit your goals and you would have continued with your life.

And yet why doesn’t a diet work?

Because our body does not want to be on the diet! It is good for the body to eat intuitively, because intuitive it is natural. And we kind of forget to be intuitive. We always want to be told: what to eat, how to live our lives.

I know, you find a new concept to be interested in at least what your body wants.

When was the last time you communicated with your body?

And yet she always communicates with you: it helps you breathe, it signals you when you are hungry, thirsty, when you need to go to the toilet. You want to stretch your hand for something, your hand responds and goes after that.

You want to dance, your body learns the steps.

Do you want to run? Your body makes it happen.

You start thinking about it, right?

Another reason why diets don’t work is because they don’t address the real problem.

Why did I gain weight? Among the causes may be hormonal problems and most often emotional.

How many times have you not felt sad, tired, nervous and stretched out after biscuits, chocolate,  cake and could not stop eating?

How many times have you not used food as an emotional comfort?

Theoretically, we all know what to eat, right? We know the story: vegetables, fruits, fibers. No bread, pasta, processed sweets.

And yet, no miracle happens. Why? Because there are other causes behind it. Among them, the ones I mentioned.

The solution: listen to your body, look at your emotions, make a journal in which you write about what you feel when you come to eat compulsively , do not expect to be hungry, drink a lot of water (often confuse hunger with thirst), look a little at your life, see what does not work and work in that direction.

The relationship with food is so intimate (it is something we put in our body) and we talk so little about it.

We consider diets to be normal. Moreover, we create communities because of them. How many times have you not had a diet with a girlfriend, or maybe you got into a Facebook group with women who were on the same diet?

Keeping a diet is not natural unless you have a health problem. But there is another story, that is called regimen and it is kept because something no longer works properly in the body and needs to be repaired.

But if you have no health problem, long-term diet is not a solution. And your life doesn’t have to be about dieting and feeling bad. Your life should be more than that, with much higher goals.

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