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25 advices for my younger self

25 advices for my younger self

Let’s say from 17-18 years old…
I would say:

1. Have fun, these times will not return
2. It’s ok to experiment
3. Remember that you are young
4. Don’t take things too seriously
5. It’s okay to not know what you want
6. Your parents have always loved you
7. Do not stay in a situation if it doens’t make you happy
8. You are beautiful
9. You are perfect with imperfections too
10. Ask for help when you need it
11. Allow yourself to be a child
12. You’re safe
13. Do not compare yourself with others, it doens not help you with anything, focus on your own journey
14. It’s okay to be angry
15. Have courage, dare, you have nothing to loose. At least you will gain experience.
16. Sleep
17. Do not lose your enthusiasm and do not close your heart
18. What others say about you is about them
19. Love must flow freely from both sides
20. Forgive yourself, you can’t always be perfect
21. Say what you have to say, say what you need, others cannot guess your thoughts
22. Say yes as often as you can, say no more often
23. Travel as much as you can
24. Dance, paint, photograph, write, sing
25. Regardless of what’s going on around you, try to remain centered

What would you say to your “me” younger?

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